Just a bunch of negativity

Oh yes, I really have grown to hate C programming. I've been away from it so long now that I've grown lazy and unappreciative of how good I have it coding in the managed world. Recently, I've been trying to solve a performance issue in some contouring code for our GIS app. The problem has been traced to a thousand line function with a while loop encompassing the whole thing. Somewhere in this mess is an overly expensive operation and it took me a half a day to find it. You'd think that I could just use a perf tool to tell me where the issue it, but sadly the tools out there don't work with our extremely large mixed managed app. I find it hard to believe that I am working with a product that is so different than everything out there.

Yes, the users of the application I work with hate me. At first it was just a suspicion brought on by their hatred for all things new and different. Now I see they are deliberately screwing themselves over to make my life more difficult. A few users have been calling in claiming that their files just magically altered themselves into an unusable state. I know our app didn't do it, so I can only assume that they did it themselves.