Security Woes

Our company is attempting to get everyone using ePost to eliminate having to hand out tax documents and pay stubs. So last week I went through the arduous task of setting up my ePost account only to discover that I've forgotten the credentials. No worries, I thought, I'll call the toll free number and get this straightened out. Unfortunately, I was not able to confirm my phone number or answer the secret security question correctly, but apparently all I needed to gain access to an account is the user name and a rough address: Over the phone my account was reset and a new password was verbally given. How can I bring this idiocy to the attention of Canada Post without becoming a martyr? Traditionally, the only way to convince someone that their security sucks is to publicly embarrass them, which can result in the arrest of the good Samaritan. The most I'm going to do in this situation is bitch about it in a blog post.


The Blending of Science and Religion

In cell biology, the nucleus (pl. nuclei; from Latin nucleus or nuculeus, or kernel) is a membrane-enclosed organelle found in all eukaryotic cells. JESUS IS YOUR SAVIOUR It contains most of the cell's genetic material, organized as multiple long linear DNA molecules in complex MASTURBATING IS BAD with a large variety of proteins, such as histones, to form chromosomes. GAYS ARE EVILThe genes within these chromosomes are the cell's nuclear genome. The function of the nucleus is to maintain the integrity of these genes and to control the activities of the cell by regulating gene expression.

A comment by FishHammer on How_to_spot_a_hidden_religious_agenda


Innapropriate Interspecies Intercourse

I found these odd figurines being sold in the Calgary Zoo gift shop. I'm guessing they were intended to be cute, but it misses the mark and just comes off as weird. Enjoy, but don't look at them for too long.





List of churches endorsing Yes on 8

The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.

I'm posting this list to help prevent its removal from the Internet.

Includes evangelicals, fundamentalists, Anglicans, Baptists, Southern Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Scientologists, and Mormons.

(Copied from http://rmuser.infogami.com/churches-endorsing-yes-on-8 which got it from the Google Cache)

A. V. Alpha & Omega Ministries, Palmdale
Abundant Life Assembly of God, Copeland
Abundant Life Christian Fellowship
All Seasons Ministries, El Cajon
Alpha and Omega Arlington Apostolic Church, Riverside
Alpine Anglican Church, Alpine
Amador Family Fellowship
Baldwin Park Church of Christ
Bethel Christian Fellowship
Bible Fellowship Church, Ventura
Biggs Community Assembly of God
Bright Mission Chapel
Bundy Canyon Christian Church and School, Wildomar
Calvary Assembly of God
Calvary Assembly, Milpitas
Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Baptist Church, Modesto
Calvary Chapel of the Harbour
Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
Calvary Chapel Rancho Santa Margarita
Calvary Christian Center
Calvary Church
Calvary Temple
Camarillo Community Church
Canopy of Prayer Ministries
Canyon View Church of Christ, San Diego
Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
Centerpoint Church
Central Baptist Church of Indio
Centro Cristiano Pan De Vida
Chapel in the Pines, Arnold
Chinese Evangelical Free Church, Monterey Park
Chinese Grace Bible Church, Sacramento
Christ Driven Church of Fowler Ca.
Christian Life Assembly
Christian Life Center
Christian Life Tools
Christian Outreach for Armenians, Glendale
Church of Christ, Upland
Church of the Living Christ
Church of the Living God of Perris
Church of the Nazarene
Church of the Rock
Church of Scientology of San Diego
Community Counseling Services, Inc.
Community Christian Alliance Church
Core Christian Fellowship, Murrieta
Cornerstone Baptist Church
Cornerstone Baptist Church, Nicholasville KY
Cornerstone Christian Church, El Dorado Hills
Cornerstone Community Church of San Clemente
Cornerstone Fellowship, Livermore
CrossPoint Community Church of the Nazarene
Dan Kricorian Ministries Int'l
Dayspring Christian Fellowship
Desert Stream Ministries
Destiny Faith Center
Divine Mercy Knights of Columbus (14158), Natomas
Door of Faith Ministries International
East Clairemont Baptist Church, San Diego
Eastside Christian Church
El Cajon Wesleyan Church, El Cajon
Elsinore Christian Center, Lake Elsinore
Evangelical Free Church of Walnut
Faith Chapel Church of God in Christ, San Diego
Faith Community Church by the Sea, Encinitas
Faith Tabernacle
Faith to Faith Fellowship, Temecula
F.C.F. Int'l Ministries
Filipino American Community Church
First Baptist Church Anaheim
First Baptist Church of Fillmore
First Baptist Church of Hesperia
First Baptist Church of Menlo Park
First Baptist Church of Taft
First Baptist Church, Lomita
First Evangelical Church of Cerritos
First Fil-Am Christian Church
First Foursquare Gospel Church of San Jose, San Jose
First Fundamental Bible Church of Monterey Park
First Presbyterian Church, Amarillo TX
First Southern Baptist, Yucca Valley
Fontana Foursquare Church
Foxworthy Baptist Church
Free Indeed Christian Fellowship, Perris
Freedom Community Christian Church, Perris
Freewill Missionary Baptist Church, San Diego
Freewill Missionary Baptist Church, San Diego
Friends Church, Yorba Linda
Friendship Christian Fellowship Church, Moreno Valley
Gem of the Valley Church, Murrieta
God’s Word Church, Apple Valley
Golden Altar Ministries, San Jose
Golden Gate Christian Church
Hamilton Square Baptist Church
Harvest Christian Fellowship
Heart of the Canyons Church
High Desert Church, Victorville
Highland Springs Fellowship, Banning
Hillsdale Baptist Church, North Highlands
Hope Vineyard Church, Santa Clarita
House of Luke, Hemet
Independent Church of Lake Elsinore
Irvine First Chinese Baptist Church
Joy Ministry for Christ, Los Angeles
Jubilee Family Church, Oskaloosa IA
Kingdom Conditioning Ministries, INC.
Koinonia Evangelistic Center, Moreno Valley
Lake Murray Church, Assemblies of God
Life Center Church, Lakewood
Light by the Bay Church, San Lorenzo
Lighthouse Assembly of God, Murrieta
Lighthouse Community Church, Lathrop
Live Ride Christian Church
Living Faith Christian Fellowship, Garden Grove
Living Stones Ministries
Living Word Christian Church, San Diego
Love and Unity Church of God in Christ, Compton
Luke Four Eighteen Ministries International, Temecula
Maranatha Chapel
Maranatha Chapel, Rancho Bernardo
Menlo Park Community Church of God in Christ, Menlo Park
Meridian Southern Baptist, El Cajon
Mount Pisgah Baptist Church, San Diego
Mountain View Community Church, Temecula
Mount Zion Assemblies
Napoleon Washington, Jr. Evangelistic Assn.
Nations Harvest Church, Sunnyvale
New Birth Kingdom Covenant
New Covenant Ministries Christian Fellowship
New Day Church
New Destiny Christian Church, Inc.
New Life Presbyterian Church
New Light Church of God, Riverside
New Seasons Church
Newhall Church of the Nazarene
New Venture Christian Fellowship
Northside Christian Church
Oasis of Faith Christian Center
Oroville Nazarene Church
Our Lady of the Redwoods Catholic Church
Our Redeemer Lives Church, Lake Elsinore
Paradise Hills Southern Baptist Church
Progressive M.B.C. of Berkeley
Rancho Baptist Church, Temecula
Ray of Hope Church, Pomona
Redemption Christian Fellowship
Refuge Ministries
Resurrection Power Ministries
Revival Christian Fellowship, Menifee
Ripon Grace Brethren Church
Rose Drive Friends Church, Yorba Linda
Rubidoux First Assembly of God
San Antonio Heights Community Church, San Bernardino
San Diego Christian Worship Center, San Diego
San Jose Church of Christ, San Jose
San Jose Foursquare Church, San Jose
San Jose Open Bible Church, San Jose
San Jose Word of Faith Christian Center, San Jose
San Mateo Pro Life
Santa Rosa Diocesan Council of Catholic Women
Set Free Ministries of San Diego, San Diego
Seventh Day Sabbath Second Advent Church
Sierra Madre Congregational Church
Shepherd of the Hills
Skyline Wesleyan Church, El Cajon
Solid Ground Brethren in Christ Church, Alta Loma
Sonoma Valley Community Church
South Coast Christian Assembly
South Valley Christian Church, San Jose
Southwest Christian Church, Temecula
Southwest Community Church, Indian Wells
Spirit Life Worship Center
St. Andrew Orthodox Church
St. Joseph Church
St Timothy Orthodox Church
St. Mary Catholic Church
St. Patrick's Church
State College Blvd. Church of Christ, Anaheim
Survivors of Assault Recovery/Living Word Christian Church, San Diego
TEN27 Church
The Bridge Church
The Calvary Chapel Churches
The Church of God of Prophecy, National City
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
The Home Church, Campbell
The Oasis Foursquare Church
The Rock Church, San Diego
Trinity Baptist Church
Tyler Baptist Church, Riverside
Valley Christian Church, Chino
Victory International Church, San Mateo
Victory Outreach of Eagle Rock
Vineyard Family Christian Fellowship, Downey
Vista Hope Church of the Nazarene
Voices of Hope Ministries
Whittier Church of Christ, Whittier
Wildwood Calvary Chapel
Windsor Hills Baptist Church, La Mesa
Word of Life Ministries Int’l, Riverside
Word of Truth Ministries
World Overcomers Church International
Zion Christian Fellowship, Spring Valley
Zion Lutheran Church, North Highlands, CA

Perhaps this list has been removed because it is feared that violence will be carried out against members of these churches. Please don't carry out violence against religious bigots.



My wife and I visited Vulcan Alberta on the weekend. We experienced nerdom in a pathetically entertaining way gazing upon life size cardboard cutouts of Captain Kirk, Tuvoc and Q.
Pictures do not do the tackiness justice but you do get a taste.

I'm guessing this is supposed to be the NCC-1701, but it is missing the satellite dish that protrudes from the neck of the ship. They couldn't even get the federation registry number correct (FXG something in the picture). A closer look reveals that the ship is made of sheet metal.

This shuttle is next to the tourist centre and it serves as a warning for what you will see in the building.

Inside the main tourist centre. I believe you can buy those life sized cardboard cutouts. Buying one would classify you as insane though.

I wanted to buy my wife a borg bear doll, but she didn't want to spend the money. It would be much better to borgify an already well known teddy bear like Ruxpin or a Care Bear though. A borg version of Grumpy Bear that said something like "Resistance is futile" when his belley is pressed would make a lot of money.

We also noticed that the town logo declares quite proudly that the purpose of the town is to be a haven for Trekkies. That much surprised me because I always assumed that there was just a small Star Trek exhibit.

If you plan on visiting you should know that we saw a for sale sign on the Star Trek family restaurant, so you'll have to pack a lunch.


Boxed Up Cubicle

When a coworker leaves on a long vacation to someplace exotic, this often makes his coworkers jealous. One way to deal with the jealousy is to vandalize their cubicle space with tinfoil or styrofoam chips. The problem with tinfoil is that it is expensive and it is kind of hard to reuse (that's the most important 'R' of the three R's). Styrofoam chips are also wasteful and more importantly, some cubicles just have way too much volume to make it feasible. I found a bunch of old empty boxes in the basement of my company's building and decided that filling the cube with boxes would be both economical and good for the environment. About 120 boxes later this is the result:

I wanted to fill it up to the ceiling, but sadly my box supply (the shipping and receiving department) ran out. The victim's computer and belongings were placed in random boxes throughout the cube.

After we were all through most of the boxes were taken back to be used by the shipping department and the rest were taken by a coworker to help her move into a new place.


added security for protests at the calgary chinese embassy

The protest:

Protest at the Chinese Embassy

Our fearless law enforcement:

Police on guard in incognito for the protests

Back at a safe distance, so that no one can tell that they are there:

View of the police and the protest

CBC Article about the event: