Fourth Quarter Earnings Winter Holiday

Have a merry gift exchange day! I had to post a link to some awesome wrapping paper. Don't buy it from thinkgeek, unless you live in the US and A. Having Global Logistics (or whatever company that purchases the cost of taking the goods over the boarder) pestering whoever is on the shipping address is extremely annoying. Nothing says Chrismahanukwanzakah like threatening letters that demand payment sent to the person that you had the gift shipped to.

Every Santa day I go through the same ordeal of trying to pick out gifts for everyone. Fortunately, I get to punish everyone who I buy gifts for by making myself impossible to shop for. This is easily done by either acquiring extremely expensive hobbies or by giving up on the whole capitalism thing. It is also great way for an egoist like myself to force people to think about me that extra amount during the holidays. Someone who is easy to shop for must feel so lonely without that constant attention of someone nagging them for a list. Oh, and not providing a list helps too.

What do people think of the idea of having a post Festivus Chinese gift exchange? Each person brings an unwanted gift to exchange with other gifts that people didn't want. A little tricky to pull off, since all of the people attending shouldn't be connected to anyone you gave or received a gift from. I'll just whip up an invitation to all my acquaintances and people I don't spend time with to join me for a lovely evening of awkward silences and strained conversations about the weather. Seriously, I think I could make it work, as we do know a bunch of people that aren't connected to family and I've never been one to buy gifts for friends.