Stephen Hawking Is My Hero

I came across a number of interesting comments on a digg forum on Stephen Hawking. It seems like Chuck Norris might be fighting for his job.

Stephen Hawking. That man is the true meaning of bad-ass. Chuck Norris holds no candle to The Hawk.

Stephen Hawking has two speeds, reverse and kill

E = MC Hawking

Professor Hawking does not like titles. In fact he dislikes the whole concept of them

He only turned down knighthood because he can't ride a horse.

He should get [a voice] that sounds like Sean Connery. He'd get more tail than he'd know what to do with.

Don't underestimate Hawking's mind. He'll use permutations and know exactly what to do with every known instance of tail.

Stephen Hawking has two voices, DECtalk DTC01 and voice-of-god.

Stephen Hawking is so brilliant that the universe sprung into existence with a full falsified history the instant he was conceived.