Weekend Update

Shelley and I rented a car on the weekend and headed up to Lacombe for the easter weekend. We originally had Greyhound tickets, but we couldn't use them on Friday or Sunday on this weekend, which didn't fit with our plans. So we looked elsewhere and found an awesome deal for a car rental of $18 a day. It was nice to have the freedom of a vehicle as we were able to finish off weeks worth of errands Friday morning. With such a cheep rate I was a little miffed at the final bill. It turns out that the cost of gas and insurance put the total cost well over the cost of bus tickets. We did enjoy our short time of freedom, so it still was money well spend, it's just that we won't be renting a car every weekend.

A couple of days ago we received a gift from the health and wellness group in our company. Each person received a plastic toy to help stimulate the mind and relieve stress. I however, received a stinky, sticky plastic ball that will stain everything but glass (the warning label tolled me about the staining). You have to wonder how someone would go about marketing such a toy as the similarity between it and feces is just a little too close. Perhaps children like playing with leaky bags of crap? Fortunately I was able to exchange mine with Mark's since he was away on holidays. I'll tell him of my treachery when he returns... if I remember.