My iPod Loves Karl Marx

iPod's really need to come with a longer default warranty. After almost two years it has started to show its age and developed a clicking sound indicating that the hard drive was shot. I was sure we were going to have to toss it and buy a new one but we managed to fix it using a neat trick we found on the Internet. Our fix was to put pressure on the hard drive, which I'm guessing is to keep the read-write arm from moving up and down too much. The right amount of pressure calls for a business card, so I went through my wallet looking for the most useless one I could find. I found a business card for a provincial candidate representing the Marxist Leninist Communist Party. I obtained that card listening to some nut job in a pub going on about how smoking is actually good for you and everything is big conspiracy trying to take away our freedoms to smoke. I was very surprised to see that card buried deep within some forgotten corner of my wallet. So as another victory against socialism, I have buried that card in the guts of my iPod where no one will ever see it again. I figure the amount of broken iPods that will end up in the dump will make it pretty unlikely that mine will be chosen for some archaeological discovery in the distant future. The iPod responded well to its medicine...almost too well.