Wedding Card

On the weekend my wife and I went looking for the perfect wedding invitation for a friend of mines wedding. Our (or maybe I should just say mine) criteria for the invitation was that it should contain absolutely none of the usual hallmark poems written by mentally challenged soccer moms. Any word like aura, soul, spirit, heart, faith, love, wub, wuv, or essence were automatically rejected. I'm pretty sure I could write up a program that would randomly concatenate various prepositions and nouns with this list to produce Hallmark quality like:

Souls love companionship, but they will always find a place within our faithful spirits.

Looking on the net I see a bunch of sayings generators that I could probably modify. Even Chairmain Mao has his own generator...although I can't get him to say anything interesting.

Anyways, we found this card in the "congratulations" section of the card store, which had quite a number of classy cards for various occasions. It is especially fitting since the reception will be potluck and we plan on brining cookies.