Boxed Up Cubicle

When a coworker leaves on a long vacation to someplace exotic, this often makes his coworkers jealous. One way to deal with the jealousy is to vandalize their cubicle space with tinfoil or styrofoam chips. The problem with tinfoil is that it is expensive and it is kind of hard to reuse (that's the most important 'R' of the three R's). Styrofoam chips are also wasteful and more importantly, some cubicles just have way too much volume to make it feasible. I found a bunch of old empty boxes in the basement of my company's building and decided that filling the cube with boxes would be both economical and good for the environment. About 120 boxes later this is the result:

I wanted to fill it up to the ceiling, but sadly my box supply (the shipping and receiving department) ran out. The victim's computer and belongings were placed in random boxes throughout the cube.

After we were all through most of the boxes were taken back to be used by the shipping department and the rest were taken by a coworker to help her move into a new place.