My wife and I visited Vulcan Alberta on the weekend. We experienced nerdom in a pathetically entertaining way gazing upon life size cardboard cutouts of Captain Kirk, Tuvoc and Q.
Pictures do not do the tackiness justice but you do get a taste.

I'm guessing this is supposed to be the NCC-1701, but it is missing the satellite dish that protrudes from the neck of the ship. They couldn't even get the federation registry number correct (FXG something in the picture). A closer look reveals that the ship is made of sheet metal.

This shuttle is next to the tourist centre and it serves as a warning for what you will see in the building.

Inside the main tourist centre. I believe you can buy those life sized cardboard cutouts. Buying one would classify you as insane though.

I wanted to buy my wife a borg bear doll, but she didn't want to spend the money. It would be much better to borgify an already well known teddy bear like Ruxpin or a Care Bear though. A borg version of Grumpy Bear that said something like "Resistance is futile" when his belley is pressed would make a lot of money.

We also noticed that the town logo declares quite proudly that the purpose of the town is to be a haven for Trekkies. That much surprised me because I always assumed that there was just a small Star Trek exhibit.

If you plan on visiting you should know that we saw a for sale sign on the Star Trek family restaurant, so you'll have to pack a lunch.