What Does Support The Troops Mean To You?

I'm seeing these stickers everywhere and I am really curious as to what it means to the people displaying them. Can anyone enlighten me? How does one support the troops anyways? Does the sticker indicate that the wearer donates money to the war charity? Probably not... Or maybe it means that they voted for a political party that supported the war? Probably not since both the Liberal and Conservative party supported war with Afghanistan. Maybe they think they live in the USA and feel that we should support the Presidents decision to stay in Iraq?

I have heard people claim that the stickers are not meant to be political, but merely meant to show their support of troops serving in various countries that we help invade or occupy. If this is so, then how does placing a sticker on a vehicle help the matter? Traditionally stickers for breast cancer, aids, Lyme disease, etc. are shown to remind people that issues exist and need our financial support. I highly doubt there exists a war charity where you can donate money to help our soldiers hunt and kill dissidents. It is easy to see how political the issue is when you consider what would happen if the majority of the country disapproved of the war effort. The result would be that soldiers would feel down and under appreciated where the only solution is for us to silence our disapproval. Politically the military then becomes a very powerful tool within a democracy as anyone wielding the might of our armed forces can do no wrong. After all, if we complained about how the tools/soldiers are used, then we might hurt their moral.

Although it may seem like I am asking for people to step forward and explain why they have chosen to place a sticker on their vehicle, this is merely a trick to get you to reveal yourself. The most likely result is that I will forever label you as a right wing neo-conservative monster. This comic sums up my hatred:

Thanks Mike for forwarding this comic from overcompensating.com