15 more days! Well, maybe 15 more days. We heard through our relater that the guy who's selling us our new place is moving out mid month and leaving the place vacant until our possession date. Maybe we can convince him to give us the keys much earlier. I really hope so, as it would be awsome if we had a couple of weeks to slowly move our stuff over to the new place.

We have so much crap in our apartment that we are able to get rid of thanks to freecycle.ca
Moving should be a breeze once we get rid of our hideous furniture. Although, hideous is nothing compared to the first set of furniture that I picked up for my first place in Calgary on my own. Absolutely nothing can top a couch with missing legs, a floral pattern and few stains here and there. But hey, it was free. Things seem to have changed since I was desperate searching for free items to furnish my apartment. We had a lady come and look at our current couch to see if she wanted it for free. She took one look at it and said yeah... no. How picky can you be? It is a free couch! And its really not that bad aside from the cushions that don't want to stay put.

I've recently converted over from slashdot to digg for my daily dose of geek news. I'm really quite enjoying the new system. The comments on the stories seem to be lacking in comparison though. Not that I really cared for the slashdot libertarian view of the world. Any given article on digg seems to have only a comment or too worth reading. I really haven't quite understood why someone would bother to post a comment like "that's cool". Oh well there not harming anyone I guess. I think with time digg will convert over the slashdot masses, and then I'll be ranting once more at the supposedly insightful/40+diggs comment on how one group of people should be to blame for the results of our society. Oh how it irritates me when people toss blame around with no useful suggestions on how to address the problem.


First Post!

Ah yes, so it is about time that I started wasting my time with something other than video games and booze...well I am drinking as I write this, so maybe I'll take one thing at a time.

So why start a blog? Well, I thought I'd start becoming a member of this infamous internet user community. The media has informed me that one direction I can take to enter the fold is to start my own blog. So here I am bad engrish, grammer and etcetera. I think I'll share this site with friends, family and any passer-byers.

Since my interests lie in the area of technology, I'll probably fill this blog with rants about working in the software development industry. At the moment work has completely left my mind and I am trying to find a number of reasons why this blog will be worth while. Since I have at least one rant a day, I bet it will be interesting to keep track of them to see the progress I am making towards becoming a cynical old tyrant. I wonder if blogger will keep my interest for that long.