My New Wallet

I'm sure I'm not the first to come up with the idea to make a wallet out of an old iPod. I read a story a while back on a cassette tape wallet which led to the idea.
The only issue with it is that it won't hold more than a couple hundred dollars...not that I carry that much cash around with me.

The only tools I used was a glue gun, screw driver and scissors.


Viva La Revolution!

You won't have to look far to find numerous blog posts, images on deviant art, tee-shirts on cafe press all about the censoring of a number. A number used to encrypt HD-DVDs. At the risk of having my blog taken away from me I have decided to participate in this civil disobedience by posting my favorite lucky number:


Now don't go using this number to decrypt any HD-DVDs. I certainly wouldn't want to see a bunch of high def movies show up on the pirate bay.

Good /. article covering the madness.