Luddite Cell Phone

cell phone idea
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The rotary dial uses touch tone dialing and it duals as a hand crank generator allowing the battery to be recharged.

This phone's minimal set of features and lack of LCD display allow it to go months without being recharged.

It comes with a stack of post it notes, which conveniently stick on the top part near the ear piece. The post it notes function as the address book and a way to "text" message other users of the post-its technology. Refills can be purchased at any local office supply store.


No Yogis Were Harmed During the Making of Your Pants

Organic Fair Trade Yoga pants are here once again and this time they're low in cholesterol and Atkins friendly. Only the children of the highest quality yogis were chosen to make our newest line of clothing.

Every year it seems there are more marketing buzz words that pollute the biomass. Is there anything special about a shirt that makes it a yoga shirt? Is there anything special about a pair of pants that makes it more or less organic? Aren't we just talking about cotton here? I don't believe that I was planning on ingesting a pair of pants anytime soon, so I'm not sure why I need to have them grown in a cotton field that didn't use pesticides. If this is a case where the clothes are more environmentally friendly, then isn't the correct marketing term 'green' or 'environmentally friendly'? I guess green doesn't fit, since people may assume that all of the merchandise is a shade of green. Environmentally friendly is too long of a word to be useful as there wouldn't be enough room on the sign. It appears as though I have stumbled upon a new use of the word, where environmentally friendly now can be interchanged with organic. This should please right wing conservatives as their vocabulary can now be simplified further when denouncing the evils of leftism.

This picture was taken at Community Natural Foods on 10th Ave and 13th Street SW. I swear the day before I took this picture the sign read "Organic Yoga Pants Now In".