Ramblings On The-Now

Why bother living in the moment experiencing things first hand when I can just download the memory of an experience. Now happens for an infinitesimal amount of time anyways, so it hardly seems worth the effort making homemade memories. I'm so lazy that I just acquired a nice batch of memories of a time when I wasn't so lazy. Its hard to evaluate the worth of the-now or life without it, because every memory we have includes it. Life would be so much more efficient if babies born were immediately given a lifetime worth of memories, and then they could promptly be snuffed out. After all, they lived their lives didn't they? How is a life actually lived any better than one that was simply borrowed and implanted? One couldn't know the difference anyways as the only way to reflect and answer that would be to rely on memory, which isn't reliable. The memory of choosing to live in the-now could simply have been implanted. So will I decide to implant a lifetime of memories by an award winning author from the local memory bank? Wouldn't I then end my life which would then clearly be full? I should probably, because I clearly can't continue to compete with a best selling author. For efficiency sake only one set of memories is required. Real human interaction doesn't have to occur so there is no need to be creative and assign different memories to different people.


Slow News Day

Behold! The too full bottle of Nestea. So amazing I had to show the world! Imagine the sticky chaos that would result if this bottle got a little too cold on the trip to the convenience store.