Bullshit Things I Learned In Grade School

  1. No pain no gain. When your running and you get a cramp or you get uncomfortable, just run past it. Consequence: a popped lung because pain isn't a good thing.

  2. Cable TV is required in order to keep up to date with things. Cable TV doesn't provide any extra local news channels above peasant vision.

  3. Save all of your receipts. Honestly who the fuck is going to keep every receipt for every coffee they purchase in the mornings.

  4. There is a proper way to pick up babies, that will insure that you do not break their arms, legs or neck. Babies are capable of handling the abuse from a whole range of bad parents. I doubt very much that people have to take a course on how to pick up a small child. Teaching people this does nothing but add unnecessary fear.

  5. Math isn't required throughout your life. Most all of it will be forgotten, so just put up with it now and get through it. Math is used throughout university and many college courses, which is a big part of your life. Not to mention that it will probably be used in your job if you care enough to get a job that requires education.


Beating The Nighttime Heat

Lately my wife and I have been having trouble sleeping due to the heat in our new condo. I got the idea that we could use the humidifier to cool off the room. I had an old humidifier sitting around and I recalled some digg or slashdot article on makeshift refrigerators that used evaporating water to keep food cold. After telling a few people about my efforts I've found out that devices called swamp coolers have been around a while and are great at cooling off for dry climates. The humidifier alone was okay, but we turned it up a notch by adding a fan over top of it to circulate the cold air blowing from it a bit more. Tonight I've added a tray of ice cubes to the reservoir, hopefully this will get us down another degree.


How To Clean A Keyboard

A friend of mine introduced me to a clever way to clean a keyboard. Simply put it in the dishwasher on a regular cycle with the normal amount of soap. Afterwards hang it to dry or better yet, have an fan blow on it for a couple of hours. Once you are convinced that there couldn't be any more water hiding in the cracks plug it back in and your golden.