Security Woes

Our company is attempting to get everyone using ePost to eliminate having to hand out tax documents and pay stubs. So last week I went through the arduous task of setting up my ePost account only to discover that I've forgotten the credentials. No worries, I thought, I'll call the toll free number and get this straightened out. Unfortunately, I was not able to confirm my phone number or answer the secret security question correctly, but apparently all I needed to gain access to an account is the user name and a rough address: Over the phone my account was reset and a new password was verbally given. How can I bring this idiocy to the attention of Canada Post without becoming a martyr? Traditionally, the only way to convince someone that their security sucks is to publicly embarrass them, which can result in the arrest of the good Samaritan. The most I'm going to do in this situation is bitch about it in a blog post.